ScotRail hero artfully shuts down whining trolls who think trans rights delays trains

ScotRail train with LGBT+ pride flag

A ScotRail social media manager has won the hearts of the LGBT+ community after shutting down trolls who think supporting trans rights delays trains.

The official ScotRail Twitter account shared a post on Saturday (20 November) to mark Trans Day of Remembrance, which each year honours those lost to transphobic violence.

The post read: “On Trans Day of Remembrance, we’re reaffirming our commitment to ensuring that Scotland’s Railway is for everyone.

“Whether you’re a passenger or a member of staff, you can be assured that we will not tolerate intolerance.”

However, instead of applauding the show of solidarity, many Twitter users took issue with the tweet, and branded human rights for trans people as “nonsense”.

When one asked why the railway didn’t instead “reaffirm a commitment to run the trains on time”, one of ScotRail’s social media managers, Angus, stepped up to explain.

He wrote: “Good morning, happy to confirm that supporting transgender people does not delay trains.”

But as people continued to insist that supporting trans folk would somehow interfere with their commute, Angus was forced to clarify again: “To save any more of you asking, our support for transgender people has no impact on trains running on time. But thank you for your concern.

“Scotland’s Railway is for everyone, and it always will be.”

Throughout the weekend, Angus continued to artfully shut down transphobes, and calmly reaffirm ScotRail’s commitment to inclusion.

Twitter users demanded that ScotRail Angus receive ‘a promotion, pay rise, and some additional annual leave’

Twitter users declared that Angus deserved a “promotion, pay rise, and some additional annual leave”, while others asked how they could send him a present and enquired about his relationship status.

When one Twitter user told Angus they were “sorry to see the anti-gender cranks have piled on for you supporting Trans Day of Remembrance and being inclusive”, Angus responded in a typically Angus way: “It’s a very odd way to respond to a message of support for a maginalised community to say the least.”