The Masked Singer star Sarah Palin thinks ‘liberals’ want to ‘pound’ sex into people’s heads

Sarah Palin wears a red coat and glasses on the set of "Extra"

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin went on a bizarre rant accusing “liberals” of trying to “pound” sex in people’s minds.

Palin, who once rapped Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” in a pink and purple bear suit on The Masked Singer, made the outlandish claims in response to a previous statement by New York representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

AOC hit out at a former Trump advisor Steve Cortes, who oddly took umbrage with the beloved politician and her partner holidaying in Florida. She labelled Cortes as a “creepy weirdo” before speaking out against the “strange and deranged sexual frustrations that underpin the Republican fixation on me, women and LGBT+ people in general”.

In an interview with Rachel Campos-Duffy on Fox News Primetime, Palin hit out against Ocasio-Cortez’s response, describing it as “pretty creepy”.

She then claimed the progressive congresswoman and “other liberals” are the ones “obsessed” with sex.

“It amazes me though, her and other liberals – socialists, even – their ability to deflect from what the issues truly are, and [to] hear her obsessions [with], at least suggestions of, always gender and sex even,” Palin said.

Sarah Palin said she believed that there are “enough Americans who get it” and “understand what [Ocasio-Cortez’s] tactic is”, which Palin claimed is to “deflect from what the real issues are”.

“Take this issue with her suggestion of dating and attraction to someone and blaming her failures on that,” Palin said. “That obsession with sex.”

She continued: “Look how the liberals, Rachel, want to pound that into the public’s head that advertising who is attracted to who, what people do in the privacy of their own bedrooms – all these things that have to do with privacy and sex.

“The liberals, not the conservatives, are the ones who pound, pound, pound after that.

“And obviously, it’s a tactic so that she doesn’t have to be held accountable.”

Apart from Palin’s abundance of ‘pounding’ imagery, the former vice presidential nominee also alleged that AOC doesn’t have a “foundation of accountability” or a “public service heart” that is “necessary in order to serve well and be accountable”.

Palin then branded AOC and current vice president Kamala Harris as “fake feminists” who “bring the women’s movement back so far by channelling everything right on back to ‘Oh, it’s our gender’”.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez looks on at the photographer while wearing a black jacket and white top. She is speaking at a podium with a US flag in the background

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaks during a news conference at the US Capitol on 8 December 2021. (Getty/Alex Wong)

This isn’t the first time that Sarah Palin has accused Ocasio-Cortez of being a “fake feminist”.

In September, Palin objected to AOC’s use of the gender-neutral term “menstruating people” in her criticism of Texas’ reviled law banning abortions after six weeks of pregnancy.

Palin described AOC as a “fake feminist” who was “milking the whole female thing” to “make some kind of political point”.

AOC responded to Palin with the most epic video where she jokingly declared she had set up a “special hotline” for the former governor to send her complaints.

“Does my existence make you mad?” AOC asked in the video. “Does the fact that yes, I am a mouthpiece for the people of New York’s 14th congressional district upset you?”

Ocasio-Cortez continued: “Well I have help for you. Call 1-800-Cry-Now. That’s 1-800-Cry-Now.”

PinkNews has contacted Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for comment.