Newly-out comic Jerrod Carmichael explains how Taylor Swift is the secret to his Grindr success

Jerrod Carmichael and Taylor Swift

Comedian Jerrod Carmichael is more than happy to use his famous connections to boost his dating profile.

After Carmichael publicly came out as gay in his HBO special, Rothaniel, in April, the comedian opened up about the tricks he uses to stand out on Grindr in a radio interview with Howard Stern.

He revealed that a selfie with Taylor Swift is the secret to his success.

Carmichael was asked by Stern if he’s found love yet. He said that while he hasn’t yet, he is putting himself out there – and he revealed one powerful secret dating weapon that he has.

Stern asked: “You said in an interview somewhere that you were at a party once and you got Taylor Swift’s number?”

Carmichael laughed: “It’s a picture of me and Taylor I use on my Grindr profile now.

“I’ll send it to guys. You really want to excite the gays in New York City? Send a picture of you and Taylor Swift!”


The 35-year-old confirmed that he had met the singer a couple of times, and now gets to use the picture he snapped with her for good use.

He also revealed that he uses his Saturday Night Live promo pics on his profile as well, adding: “I started using the good [pics]. I got these SNL promo pics, let me use it on Grindr, bro. Resources.”

The Carmichael Show star noted that he’s yet to find love since coming out but is having fun putting himself out there.

Stern also asked the comedian if he’s attracted to Call Me by Your Name star Timothée Chalamet, to which Carmichael replied: “Who isn’t? That’s the thing, he knows that he’s wearing a f**king harness – him and Harry Styles are dangerous.

“It’s like, OK, the f**king gay baiters. I saw Harry Styles in a f**king swamp yesterday, I’m like: ‘Why is this hot?’ Right?

“I’m into it, I don’t like that I’m into it, but I’m into it!”

Carmichael made headlines by coming out in his special which debuted shortly before he made his SNL hosting debut on Saturday (2 April).

The comedian rose to prominence in the Los Angeles stand-up comedy scene and won hearts for his brilliant sitcom, The Carmichael Show. The show followed a fictionalised version of the Carmichael family and ran for three seasons on NBC before being cancelled in 2017.