Comedian Rosie Jones calls out insidious homophobic tweet ‘disguised as support’

A photo of comedian Rosie Jones laid over a photo of an progress Pride flag

Disabled lesbian comedian Rosie Jones has called out homophobia and misogyny directed at her “disguised as support”.

On Saturday (8 October), Jones, who has cerebral palsy, tweeted about her journey of self-acceptance for World Lesbian Day.

“I can’t be a lesbian, I love wearing dresses,” she wrote.

“I have long hair. I’m disabled. For ages I didn’t accept my sexuality. I couldn’t relate to any of the archaic stereotypes associated with the word.

“Happy World Lesbian Day to all lesbians, no matter what you look like or who you are!”

Jones was inundated with messages of love and support, but one Twitter user decided to spew the exact kind of tropes that the comedian was speaking out against.

They told Jones: “Just keep being you, having said that I am quite disappointed that a female with such nice breasts is a lesbian. Love you Rosie!”

Jones swiftly called out the ignorant Twitter user, writing: “I have no time or energy to explain how wrong this is, but the entitlement, misogyny and homophobia in this tweet, disguised as ‘support’ for me, is enraging.

“It’s not funny and nobody should have to put up with this disgusting behaviour. Call this out and be better.”

Her response was echoed by other queer women, who shared their stories of similar and all-too-common comments.

“Totally sick of this shit myself Rosie,” wrote one follower. “33 years of being told my lesbianism is such a waste! I will always call this out, it’s important. Sorry you received this. I will never be silent regarding such privilege, sense of entitlement and yes, homophobia.”

Another said: “It’s along the lines of ‘one night with me darling and you’ll be alright.'”


PinkNews has approached Rosie Jones for comment.