Tom Daley unveils drag alter ago after transformation by Drag Race UK queen

Collage of Tom Daley in a wig and River Medway

Tom Daley revealed his drag alter ego after a wig styling session with Drag Race UK’s River Medway.

The Olympian interviewed season three queen River Medway for his new Snapchat show Secret Superpowers, which explores hidden talents, inspired by his love for knitting.

River’s secret superpower, as revealed to Daley at the start of the episode, is styling wigs.

River explained that playing with wigs when they were younger eventually allowed them to explore their own identity through drag.

“I was obsessed with wigs when I was younger. That was like my gateway drug to drag; it was so amazing to really have the skill to take things that were hidden away inside me and turn them into something fabulous,” River said.

“I feel most myself when I’m in drag.”

Daley was introduced to River’s fabulous friend Tiana Biscuit (no relation to Tia Kofi), and the three discussed growing up with stigma.

River said: “I don’t know about you two, but for me, I was the only person like me that I knew when I was growing up; things like wanting to wear wigs were so taboo. As you get older, you realise, maybe I’m not that estranged.”

Daley and River designed and styled their own wigs, which Daley tried on.

“I honestly feel like a new person. It’s so transformative,” he said.

Never one to be unprepared, Tom Daley’s drag name was also revealed to be… Lady Godiva. Like Lady – Good – Diver. Get it?

After Daley posted a teaser to Instagram, fans have begged the gold medallist to complete the transformation.

“I love the color and style of the wig and it looks like water so perfect for the name. The only thing missing, can we see the complete look with makeup next time?” wrote one fan

“You need someone to put you in full drag btw – loved the heels,” added another.

Lady Godiva for RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season five maybe?