I’m A Celeb: Jill Scott opens up about life with fiancée Shelly Unitt

Jill Scott (L) and Shelly Unitt (R) at BOXX2BOXX. (BOXX2BOXX website)

I’m A Celebrity contestant and retired Lioness Jill Scott opened up about life with her partner Shelly Unitt in Wednesday’s (16 November) episode.

Shelly, who used to live in Walsall, is best known for being former England football player’s sister Rachel Unitt and has since moved in with Jill in Manchester.

The pair bought a coffee shop in April 2021 and named it BOXX2BOXX after “Jill’s infamous role as a box-to-box midfielder throughout her illustrious career.”

Speaking about the backstory, Jill Scott told her campmates: “When I was with Shelly, for two years I was travelling. She was in Walsall, so some days I was up at 6am trying to get a train in. I didn’t do it all the time. 

“She started helping out in a coffee shop in lockdown and we decided to get the shop.”

Fellow contestant Owen Warner was all for it, saying: “I think that’s such a good idea having a coffee shop.”

Warner told the Bush Telegraph: “Can you imagine walking into a coffee shop and the lioness Jill Scott is making you an ice cold latte”.

As well as “regularly hosting famous footballers” at the shop, on the website Jill explained her joy at opening up the cafe.

“I’ve always loved coffee, travelling around with football,” she said, “and it started to get to the point where if I had a bad coffee to start the day, I would have a bad day so coffee has become very important in my life.

​”It just all happened so quickly. Even now, I have to pinch myself, like ‘as if we have our own coffee shop!”
Jill’s love for interesting beverages was made clear during a previous episode when she made the ingenius invention of putting a banana in hot water to make banana water.

She proceeded to sing: “Hot banana water” while dancing much to the delight of viewers.

And earlier this year she released a 12 episode podcast about women’s football, titled Jill Scott’s Coffee Club.

When I get out of here, her coffee shop is getting raided,” a hungry Owen told The Bush Telegraph afterwards.

His sentiments were echoed by people online ready to get in the queue.