Drag Race UK fans give verdict on roast and top four: ‘Not roast of the night going to RuPaul’

Drag Race UK queen Danny Beard standing at a pink podium in front of a pink front door

Drag Race UK sashayed into its season four finale with a top four and a roast – but not everyone was convinced at the meal on offer.

Featuring “perfect” mentor, comedian Aisling Bea, mainstage guest judge Olly Alexander, a reunion of the season four girls and a roast of varying degrees of crispiness, the penultimate episode was a showcase of Drag Race UK at its most chaotic – even when it fell slightly flat.

The top five (for the second episode in a row) are challenged to creatively insult their fellow and eliminated competitors, as well as the judges, at The General Erection Roast – because if there’s one thing Ru loves, it’s a shoehorned pun.

The queens discuss the lip-sync, with Pixie politely pointing out that it was Black Peppa’s third time surviving the bottom two, and that “people … don’t often do that.” Thanks Pixie!

It’s also worth pointing out that Cheddar Gorgeous now has four RuPeter badges – only one more than the rest of the group combined (because Jonbers Blonde still doesn’t have any.)

The queens re-enter the werk room the next day to find out that the maxi-challenge is a comedy roast – and before they get some time with Aisling Bea, there’s some absolutely classic Drag Race UK drama involving a running order.

Jonbers and Peppa get to decide what order the queens will perform in, placing Cheddar last – despite the frontrunner saying that she’d prefer to go nearer the front of the pack. Cue shade rattle.

Amid Danny and Pixie’s hilarious reactions, Jonbers and Cheddar continue bickering, with the latter coming to repeat: “I’m fine”, while looking as pointedly not fine as you’ve ever seen a drag queen look.

It wouldn’t be Drag Race UK without some running order beef, would it! We can still hear the ghost of Ellie Diamond asking RuPaul why she doesn’t say her name with a Scottish accent.

The queens get one-on-one time with comedian Aisling Bea, and fans loved the appearance, calling her the “perfect” mentor for the task, offering the girls genuinely helpful advice.

On the mainstage, fans were gagged over RuPaul’s look, with some calling it the best thing about the episode (a fairly blistering roast within itself).

The queens are up to bat outside 69 Downing Street (very funny, producers), with Danny Beard storming the challenge with: “Fashion is to Ru, what sex is to Alan. Paid for.” Raise your hand if you screamed.

Honourable mention to: “Jonbers Blonde; I thought The Troubles in Ireland ended in the 90s, but it’s clear looking at her face, they’ve only just begun.”

Jonbers is up next, performing a drunk character – and doing surprisingly well with: “People don’t get thrown out of a Peppa gig, they get thrown in”.

The roast starts to really fall apart after that, with Peppa, Pixie and Cheddar all struggling equally, though Pixie’s confidence going into the challenge compared with what we were presented makes her roast fairly inedible.

Peppa and Cheddar are slightly better – Peppa garners points for simply asking the audience of eliminated queens to laugh, and Cheddar’s bizarre (dry) routine of ‘alien politician’ is not so much out of this world as just the next postcode over.

On the mainstage – and after an exceptional punk themed runway – Ru gives the best roast of the night to Ar Jonbers, saying: “The big shocker of the night [was] that [she] didn’t suck.”

Danny Beard takes her fourth challenge win home and Peppa officially joins the hall of lip sync assassins after defeating her third opponent, Pixie Polite – who puts up a good fight, but also spectacularly hits the deck mid-number.

And just like that – we have Drag Race UK’s first ever top four in Jonbers Blonde, Black Peppa, Cheddar Gorgeous and Danny Beard.

Fans seem pleased with this top four, though have pointed out that Jonbers still has no badges (iconic) – and others have suggested this this might be time for DRUK’s All Stars 4 moment, with both Danny and Cheddar taking a joint win.

Drag Race UK will air its finale episode next week on BBC Three – one week after the premiere episode of Canada’s Drag Race: Canada Vs. The World premieres.