Doctor Who drops awesome Christmas trailer with first look at Yasmin Finney and fans have theories

First proper glimpse of Yasmin Finney as Rose in Doctor Who. (Alistair Heap_BBC Studios)

The new Doctor Who trailer has dropped and fans are ready to see Yasmin Finney (Heartstopper) thrive in the Whoniverse.

This year Russell T Davies announced his return as Doctor Who showrunner, Ncuti Gatwa as the next Doctor and a three episode David Tennant-Catherine Tate special.

When we last saw Donna (Tate) it was clarified she could never remember the Doctor at the risk of burning up her mind, with her memories of her time as his companion having been wiped.

But it looks like this is all at risk in the upcoming special.

Among the exciting news was trans actor Yasmin Finney’s casting in the upcoming specials and the latest trailer has given our first proper glimpse of her character.

Finney will play Rose and appears to discover the Doctor Who alien Beep the Meep, where she asks “What are they?”

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As for her wider role in the 60th anniversary special, fans are pretty sure they have cracked the mystery.

Rose is also the name of a previous David Tennant companion, played by Billie Piper, who shared a few episodes with Catherine Tate, who plays Donna.

Given their connection, fans are sure Finney’s Rose has been named after Piper’s Rose and is Donna and Shaun Temple (Karl Collins)’s daughter, Rose Temple-Noble.

This would fit in the age timeline of being approximately 15 years old, given Donna’s last episode before she lost her memory and returned to her ordinary life was in 2008.

What’s more, with Rose confirmed as a canon transgender character, some fans are praising the much needed trans representation on the staple British TV show.

“Living for the fact that a trans character is on a show I love,” one fan wrote, “in a role that is close to the people the story revolves around. just there, existing, because we are a part of life. not an identity to make a remark or compare with, but simply a part of it all.

A trans woman added: “I can’t help but feel utterly ecstatic that i’m finally seeing myself represented in Doctor Who, and in the Noble family no less! seeing Rose in the trailer has made me beyond happy, she already means the world to me.”

Finney did an interview with Vogue about her upcoming stint on Doctor Who, saying: “I remember growing up idolising [Doctor Who]… I’m happy to be the representation on a show that means a lot to so many.”

Meanwhile we also got another look at Neil Patrick Harris’ character who fans are certain will be playing the Celestial Toymaker, a previous Doctor Who villain.

Given the upcoming special has so many returning characters this would make sense.

And, of course Ncuti Gatwa made an appearance right at the end of the trailer, with the only line we know if his so far: “Someone tell me what the hell is going on here?”

While we didn’t get much more Gatwa material in the trailer, with filming for his season underway, we have seen his new costume, a plaid brown suit with a bright orange jumper. Simply iconic.

Doctor Who will return in November 2023.

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