Heartstopper creator Alice Oseman says season 2 will have ‘a lot of new stuff’ that isn’t in books

Joe Locke and Kit Connor in Heartstopper season 2.

Netflix’s queer coming-of-age hit Heartstopper is arriving back on our TV screens very soon, and the cast and crew are already playing with our emotions when it comes to potential storylines.

In a teaser video shared on Monday (24 April), Kit Connor, who plays everyone’s favourite benevolent bisexual rugby lad Nick Nelson, suggested that the second season will have an overall “different vibe to season one”.

Meanwhile, Joe Locke, who stars as the sweet yet sensitive Charlie Spring, revealed that his character will be going on “more of a journey” in the “more mature” second season, which drops on Netflix on 3 August.

Now, Heartstopper writer Alice Oseman has taken the teasing to the next level. Those who have read the original Heartstopper graphic novels and think they know everything that is set to come in the upcoming season, be prepared to be proved wrong.

Speaking to Netflix’s Tudum site, Oseman has explained that she had to write a whole bunch of new content that isn’t in the books, in order to fill the second season.

“Season 2 is based on Volume 3… So we had a good foundation,” she shared. “But there’s not enough in the book to take a whole season of TV, so there had to be a lot of creation of new stuff.”

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For the Heartstopper superfans, that means there’s a plethora of new, unexplored plot lines to get into.

What happens in Heartstopper season two?

Alongside the promise of new and maturer storylines, Netflix has also confirmed how some of the series favourite characters will progress in the second season.

Nick and Charlie won’t be the only ones learning how to navigate being out and proud at school together, as Tara (Corinna Brown) and Darcy (Kizzy Edgell) are set to experience some bumps in their romantic road.

There’s more love in the air in season two at Truham and Harvey Greene Grammar Schools, with Tao (William Gao) and Elle (Yasmin Finney) trying to work out if they could ever properly get together. Finney, who became a huge breakout star after hitting screens as Elle last year, has also hinted that fans simply are “not ready for” some of the upcoming scenes.

Yasmin Finney plays young teen Elle in Heartstopper. In this picture, the character is wearing a British school uniform with a dark jacket, white shirt and red striped tie
Yasmin Finney, who plays Elle on hit LGBTQ+ series Heartstopper. Netflix)

For those who are yet to read the books, viewers can also expect to see the school students take a trip to Paris, tackle their end-of-year exams, and attend queer kids’ most dreaded school event: prom.

When it comes to the “more mature” plot lines, we can certainly expect Charlie to begin to struggle with his mental health, considering the books depict him as being diagnosed with an eating disorder.

Who stars in Heartstopper season two?

Alongside all the leading favourites, fans can also expect the return of Olivia Coleman as Nick’s mum, while Netflix has also promised that viewers will be introduced to more of Nick’s family.

Actor Jack Barton will be joining the cast as David Nelson, Nick’s homophobic older brother, while new students at the school include Sahar Zahid (Leila Khan), James McEwan (Bradley Riches) and Naomi, played by TikTok star Bel Priestly.

Fans can also expect to see a lot more from Isaac, as Alice Oseman has previously teased that his asexuality storyline is about to get a lot more airtime.

There’s a lot to cover in Heartstopper season two, and not too long left to wait, with the season beginning on Thursday 3 August.