Heartstopper creator Alice Oseman teases how it all ends for Nick and Charlie

Heartstopper creator Alice Oseman has teased how their hit show and graphic novel series is going to end – and put a pin in the possibility of an ‘Oseman Cinematic Universe’ – ahead of season two.

Oseman, who was recently named Attitude magazine’s Person of the Year, dished on the future of Kit Connor and Joe Locke‘s beloved characters, Nick Nelson and Charlie Spring.

While the series has been renewed by Netflix for a further two seasons, with filming for the second completed. With the upcoming Heartstopper Volume 5 set to mark the final graphic novel in the seires, Oseman said that they have always had an end point for Charlie and Nick in mind.

“Yeah, I’ve known for ages exactly how Heartstopper is going to end,” Oseman said while speaking to Attitude.

Fans can rest east, though – no ‘burying your gays‘ for Charlie or Nick, as Oseman also teased a ‘happy ending’.

“It’s been really helpful to have that, like, endpoint for me to kind of build towards. I’m not going to spoil anything, but I mean, it’s a happy ending. I feel like everyone knows that.”

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Asked whether she might continue to explore the characters’ stories as adults, Alice Oseman replied: “I think never say never. I don’t know what I’ll do after the main Heartstopper books are finished. I’m sure I’l continue to draw Nick and Charlie in some way.”

In the same interview, though, Oseman also dashed hopes for any Heartstopper fanatics hoping that the series would follow in the footsteps of media giant Marvel, saying there were no plans for an extended ‘Cinematic Oseman-verse’.

“I don’t want [Heartstopper] to become a franchise. I don’t want to make things just to make money,” they said.

“The integrity of the story is important to me.”

A promo cover of Attitude magazine showing Hearstopper author Alice Oseman standing in the centre against a red background that has the graphic novel's characters placed around her
Alice Oseman is attitude’s ‘Person of the Year’ – and has teased plot details for Heartstopper, season two. (Attitude)

Nick and Charlie’s final chapter will be concluded in the fifth graphic novel, though fans of the Netflix series are still waiting for Heartstopper, season two – the beloved story debuted as a web-comic in 2016 before the first volume was published in print in 2019.

Kit Connor, who plays rugby player Nick Nelson, was forced to come out in 2022 – something that Oseman has condemned.

“It made me so angry,” she explained. “I care about this cast so deeply. I feel like a parent figure. What people were saying to him was so anti-Heartstopper.”

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