This iconic Raja joke was cut from All Stars 7 roast – and it made RuPaul ‘die’, Willam claims

Drag Race firebrand Willam has spilt the tea on one of Raja’s jokes that was allegedly cut from the All Stars 7 roast challenge that made RuPaul ‘die’.

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that the sickening All Stars 7 changed our lives. It was the first time that winners returned to the franchise to compete again, including season five’s Jinkx Monsoon – who eventually claimed the title of Queen of All Queens – season ten/All Stars 4‘s Monét X Change and season nine/All Stars 5‘s Shea Coulée.

The drag avengers were thrown challenge after challenge, including design tasks, acting and improv trials, and the classic All Stars talent show. In among those, a signature Drag Race roast was given to the girls under the title The Kennedy Davenport Center Honors Hall of Shade Roast – but while Jinkx Monsoon and Trinity the Tuck emerged victorious, there may have been some editing riggory afoot…

While discussing the first episode of All Stars 8 on the Drag Race recap podcast Race Chaser, alongside co-host and All Stars 2 winner Alaska Thunderf**k 5000, Willam, who appeared on season four of the series before becoming the first queen to ever be disqualified for breaking the rules, asked:

“Can I tell you a joke from the all-winners season that didn’t make it that I just heard from one of the girls?”

Upon receiving the go-ahead from Alaska, Willam continued:

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“So apparently, Raja, during the roast, told RuPaul that she looked like ET on ‘mones.”

To clarify, “‘mones” is a shortening of ‘hormones’. While we’d never put much thought into what the extraterrestrial would look like on oestrogen, apparently Drag Race‘s third-ever winner Raja Gemini had – and luckily for her, RuPaul found it hilarious.

“And then, RuPaul, inbetween cracking up, Raja said: ‘ET ‘mone home. And it didn’t air, but RuPaul was dying, apparently.”

It’s worth noting that Raja ended All Stars 7 by becoming the Queen of She Done Already Done Had Herses and being awarded $50,000, so we can’t imagine that she’s too upset about the alleged joke being edited out.

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