Drag Race All Stars 8 favourite threatens to quit: ‘I’ve shown enough’

A fan favourite of Drag Race All Stars 8 has threatened to quit the competition in a gag-worthy episode of ‘Untucked’.

Warning: Sickening spoilers ahead.

The conflama, riggory and drama of All Stars 8 has well and truly begun, with certain queens feeling ‘some type of way’ about the placements of the season thus far.

We’re three episodes in to the eighth iteration of returning queens vying for another shot at the crown, and Kahanna Montrese, Jimbo and Jessica Wild have all received the coveted status of ‘Top All Star of the week’.

Other queens of All Stars 8, meanwhile, have been relegated to a mere ‘safe’ for the majority of episodes – and it seems like that might be getting to one queen in particular, if the most recent episode of Drag Race companion show Untucked is to be believed.

The queens were challenged with the Supermarket Ball, and had to present three looks to the judges (including one made in the Werk Room), with the safe queens deemed to be Alexis Michelle, Jaymes Mansfield, Heidi N Closet and Kahanna Montrese.

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Smash cut to Untucked, and the claws are coming out.

“I’m just going to stop trying to second guess or understand this competition. I am a little upset that I’m not in the top,” said Heidi N Closet after being deemed safe.

After a brief read of Jimbo’s Dairy Queen outfit from Heidi (“It was a white outfit with bubbles on it”), Kandy Muse asked the group whether anyone felt as if they should be in the top.

In answer, Heidi gave a pointed silence, before quickly following up with what seemed to be a threat of pulling a BenDeLaCreme: “Baby, y’all are in for a gag tonight, honey. I’m leaving. I’m leaving.

“I don’t wanna keep doing this. I’m leaving. I’ve shown enough.”


As it turns out, Heidi did not quit the competition during episode three of All Stars 8; Jessica won the Lip Sync against lip sync assassin Ra’Jah O’Hara, who has previously spoken out about “favouritism” during Canada’s Drag Race: Canada Vs The World.

That’s not to say she won’t go anytime soon, though – and if Heidi doesn’t get a win soon, there could be one extra queen joining the Fame Games.

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