Christian Dior biopic promises intimate look at life of ‘fiercely private’ fashion designer

A black and white photo of fashion designer Christian Dior stood in front of an Air France plane.

A new biopic is set to explore the “fascinating” life and legacy of ingenious French fashion designer Christian Dior.

Celebrity biopics are taking over. In the past few years, we’ve witnessed everything from the wildly successful (Elvis, Rocketman) to the highly questionable (Blonde).

There doesn’t appear to be a cure for biopic fever, either, with the next couple of years promising some of the most hotly-anticipated and controversial portrayals to date.

There’s Marisa Abela in the much-discussed Amy Winehouse biopic, while some film lovers torn to learn that Pose star Billy Porter will play renowned writer James Baldwin in his upcoming life story.

Earlier this year, when it was reported that straight The White Lotus actor Theo James would play iconic gay musician George Michael in his biopic, there was some fair disquiet on social media.

The next big name set to have their life immortalised through the power of film is French fashion designer Christian Dior, the mastermind behind one of the most influential, luxury fashion brands of modern times – Dior.

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French actor Elsa Zylberstein, best known for her role in the BAFTA and Golden Globe winning film I’ve Loved You For So Long, will direct the flick, while Julien Teisseire, known for penning Netflix’s The Hookup Plan, will write it.

French actress Elsa Zylberstein.
Actress Elsa Zylberstein will direct and star in the Christian Dior biopic. (Getty)

The Dior biopic will begin in Paris in 1947, when the iconic fashion mogul founded his fashion house at the age of 42, and trace the 10 years that followed up to his untimely death of a heart attack in 1957, aged 52.

It will follow how Dior built the empire alongside his right-hand woman Raymonde Zehnacker (played by Zylberstein), whom he described in his autobiography as his “second self” and his “other half”.

While Dior never publicly revealed his sexuality before his death, he was known to have had several male lovers during his lifetime – his last was Moroccan singer Jacques Benita, who was three decades his junior.

Zylberstein’s film will follow Dior’s personal life and how he fell “madly in love with” Benita in 1956, the year before his death, according to Variety.

“Christian Dior was a fiercely private man so people know very little about him and he was not a flamboyant character like other fashion designers or popular cultural icons, but he was no less fascinating,” Zylberstein told the publication.

Rihanna in a pink dress stood by a Dior sign.
Celebrities including Rihanna, Princess Diana and Jennifer Lawrence have worn Dior. (Getty)

Zylberstein explained that she was well-acquainted with Dior’s world, as her mother had worked for Dior’s perfume company for numerous years from the ‘70s.

“Christian Dior was like ‘mister normal’ and he wasn’t a Parisian, he came from Normandy,” she said. “He was always discreet but he was also extremely resilient. That’s why his legacy is still alive today.”

In addition to his fragrances, the Dior brand is known for its bags, jewellery, makeup and skincare range, while endless A-list celebrities including Rihanna, Princess Diana, Emma Watson, and Jennifer Lawrence have worn the fashion house’s designs.

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