New Khloé Kardashian photoshop fail: Reality star accused of lightening True’s face

Khloé Kardashian has been hit with new criticism over an alleged photoshop fail.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Khloé Kardashian is facing fresh criticism over her social media use, with claims that she photoshopped her daughter True’s face in a recent post.

Reddit users have accused Kardashian of lightening the image of herself and True, with a string of negative comments about the star.

The Reddit post, which shows an image of the pair, and a second of True holding up the peace sign is captioned: “Today’s example of Khlogre lightening True’s skin in photos.. Also did something weird to her face. Slide 1 vs Slide 2 is insane.. Poor sweet True doesn’t deserve this.” 

Comments under the photo attack the mum-of-two for allegedly changing True’s skin tone. 

One comment says: “Without coming off weird I think that True is actually really pretty and Khole needs to stop.” 

“The poor little girl. Her pointer finger is warped as she’s had one of her first photoshop fails,” another reads. 

Addressing the alleged lightening of her daughter’s skin, one person wrote: “True is a beautiful brown skinned child, she literally made her look asian.” 

Another added: “True is going to end up wanting to lighten her skin and Khloe will be 100% responsible.” 

In September this year, Khloé Kardashian faced vicious trolling after revealing an indent on her face left by a cancer scare.

The Kardashian shared her ordeal with fans, but some took to targeting her and accusing her of having “buccal fat removal”. 

Criticism is nothing new to the 39-year-old who was also forced to respond to accusations that she was giving young girls body insecurities. 

She addressed the impact on the family’s TV show but she continues to have to defend herself against haters who accuse her of constant photoshopping.