Argentina’s new far-right president seeks counsel from his dead dog

Javier Milei speaking into a podium microphone.

Argentina’s president-elect reportedly seeks political counsel from his dogs – including one from beyond the grave he contacts through a medium.

Right-wing populist Javier Mile, defeated the centre-left minister of the economy, Sergio Massa, in a run-off election on Sunday to become the South American country’s next president.

The self-identified “anarcho-capitalist,” who has proposed drastic changes to much of the country’s political and economic systems, reportedly seeks some of his political advice from his four dogs.

According to journalist Juan Luis González’s unauthorised biography of Milei – titled El Loco (The Madman) – the new president has relied on the advice of his dogs on matters including his campaign strategy and political policy.

In an interview with Spanish newspaper 20minutos, González said Milei insists that the dogs help him with different areas of politics and economics, with another giving him general advice.

He has even allegedly made efforts to contact mastiff, Conan, which died in 2017.

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Milei reportedly visited a medium to communicate with Conan through a telepathic conversation in which the right-winger claims his canine confidant relayed God’s mission to him to become president.

“This man, who would command the fate of the country, wakes up each day, does medium sessions with the dogs [Murray, Milton, Robert Lucas – all clones of Conan], then makes a decree based on that,” González claimed.

Milei’s political proposals for his new role as president include slashing public spending, eliminating the central bank and switching the country’s currency from the peso to the US dollar.

He built much of his campaign on rallying against what he labelled a “socialist agenda,” which he believes includes the “LGBT lobby” and Pope Francis.

While he has not specifically railed against same-sex marriage, Milei – who won almost 56 per cent of the vote – has called for an end to sex education in schools and has been endorsed by a number of anti-LGBTQ+ pundits and organisations.

When asked about the reports of his dogged political advisors by The Economist in September, Milei said: “What is it they say, that my dogs determine my strategies, yes? That they are like a strategic committee?

“They are the best strategic committee in the world. Tell me: when has an outsider achieved what we achieved in two years? They are the best political analysts in the world.”

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