5 identity-based networking groups on LinkedIn you should be a part of

This is an image of a Black woman speaking with a colleague. She is wearing glasses and smiling.

Networking with people who share identities and experiences can be just as fulfilling as industry-based networking, and LinkedIn is an example of a thriving digital space where professionals can connect based on a shared identity.

As the landscape of professional development is constantly evolving, the power of networking remains unparalleled. While industry-focused connections have long been the bedrock of career advancement, there is a rising tide in the realm of professional networking: identity-based networking.

LinkedIn has become a thriving hub for a variety of identity-based networking groups. These groups that encompass various facets of identity like gender, ethnicity, and shared interests, are proving that building connections around commonalities can be just as transformative, if not more so, than traditional industry-focused networking.

“Networks are really your professional community, and we need diversity in those communities because our careers are complicated.” says Andrew McCaskill, a career expert at LinkedIn.

“Having people in your networks who understand the nuances of building a career or a business while also being a queer person is invaluable. Accessing the knowledge other professionals have based on their own experience or training helps us all make better decisions and achieve better, more equitable outcomes.”

Here are just a handful of identity-based networks that offer a unique space for professionals to connect, share insights, and unlock new opportunities in the dynamic landscape of their careers.

Women in STEM

The science, technology, engineering and mathematics industries, better known as STEM as traditionally been a bit of a “boys” club.

The Women in STEM group is a community dedicated and designed to promote, support and encourage women and young people to study and pursue careers in STEM.

The group shares information on role models and mentors, campaigns promoting women in STEM, scholarships, and internship opportunities, as well as events, conferences, grants and awards for students and professionals alike.

The Black Professionals Network

Created in 2010, the objective of the Black Professionals Network is to empower its members with business-related content that will help each group member achieve their personal goals.

The group also ensures that each member can increase their circle of influence to generate meaningful relationships, new and sustainable business opportunities, or even a new job.

LGBTQ Professionals Network

The LGBTQ Professionals Network on LinkedIn stands out as one of the largest and most vibrant networking groups on the platform.

Open to both LGBTQ professionals and allies, this inclusive community provides a supportive space for individuals from diverse backgrounds and industries to connect.

The group fosters and offers a dynamic platform for sharing valuable resources and experiences unique to the LGBTQ professional journey.

With a global reach, members from around the world come together to contribute to a collective dialogue, making it a valuable hub for networking and collaboration within the LGBTQ professional community.

Young Nonprofit Professionals Network

While technically an industry-based group, the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network on LinkedIn is a diverse and dynamic network that activates the next generation of emerging leaders in the nonprofit sector.

Focused on creating a diverse talent pipeline, the group elevates the voices, ideas, and experiences of young professionals while offering crucial support and training to empower growth.

With a mission to bring innovative ideas to the sector and inspire big-picture thinking, this network serves as a valuable hub for aspiring and current young nonprofit professionals looking to make a meaningful impact in their respective fields.

Hispanic Professionals

The Hispanic Professionals LinkedIn group is affiliated with the National Society for Hispanic Professionals, a non-profit networking association.

It is a dynamic community within the USA dedicated to empowering Hispanic professionals. The group fosters discussions on crucial topics for success, including job searching, interviewing, and networking tips.

Additionally, the group delves into broader issues affecting Hispanics in the USA, such as bilingualism, workplace diversity, and relevant laws. On platforms like LinkedIn, members share inspiring stories of successfully integrating Hispanic heritage into American society, promoting a narrative of peaceful, positive, and constructive engagement.

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