The rumoured Drag Race Global All Stars cast list is a gag-worthy extravaganza

The Drag Race promo photos of Kween Kong, Alyssa Edwards and Kitty Scott-Claus.
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What better way to prove that the RuPaul’s Drag Race franchise has taken over the world than by chucking some of Planet Earth’s best queens into one talent-packed Global All Stars season?

That’s right: the days of a RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars season occuring every few years are well and truly over. After Canadian queen Jimbo took the crown on All Stars 8 earlier this year, the rumoured cast list for All Stars 9 is already out in the world, while Drag Race UK vs The World season two is on its way soon.

Now, some of the very best Drag Race queens from all across the universe will be starting their engines and serving charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent in the first Global All Stars season on Paramount+, which was announced in December 2022.

Drag Race fans have turned Nancy Drew to work out which queens have suspiciously left social media or cancelled event appearances, which usually suggests they’ve packed their bags and heeded RuPaul’s command to “bring back her girls”.

The rumoured Global All Stars cast list features international franchise finalists, a queen punished for blasphemy on her original season, and one all-time Drag Race legend.

What is the rumoured cast for RuPaul’s Drag Race Global All Stars?

Right now, 12 queens are thought to be taking part in Global All Stars, making it the largest All Stars cast since the All Stars 1.

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Alyssa Edwards – RuPaul’s Drag Race season five and All Stars 2

She’s back, back, back again! Alyssa Edwards will be hoping that third time’s a charm as she makes her eagerly anticipated Drag Race comeback. She was a lovely fifth alternate on RuPaul’s Drag Race season five, a lovely fourth alternate on All Stars 2, and could be a potential winner on Global All Stars.

The Texan queen is easily one of the most renowned stars to come out of the franchise, with an endless stream of memorable quotes, fierce fights and memes to back her up. 

As she once said: “It’s not personal, it’s drag.” And she’ll be doing everything she can to claim victory.

Drag Race star Alyssa Edwards in a pink and yellow top and violet blonde wig.
Alyssa Edwards is seemingly heading back, back, back to our TV screens. (Getty/JB Lacroix)

Athena Likis, Drag Race Belgique season one

Non-binary drag superstar Athena Likis was one of 10 queens who joined the first season of Drag Race Belgique earlier this year. She was a hot contender for the crown, having won the first challenge in Drag Race Belgique history: the talent show.

She went on to win a second challenge, the makeover, and was loved by fans for her out-of-the-box runways. She eventually finished in second place, and, despite her only being on screen recently, fans have been desperate for her ru-turn.

Athena Sorgelikis was an early favourite to win Drag Race Belgique. (Tipik/World of Wonder)

Eva Le Queen – Drag Race Philippines season one

Eva Le Queen was loved on her season for effortlessly combining comedy and fashion, and though she never won a maxi challenge, she placed “high” several times – including for the Snatch Game and makeover challenges.

She ultimately made it all the way to the final four, but was eliminated in third/fourth place. 

Eva Le Queen.
Eva Le Queen combined comedy and fashion effortlessly. (World of Wonder)

Gala Varo – Drag Race Mexico season one

Drag queen and doctor of biomedicine Gala Varo impressed the judges and Drag Race fandom on Drag Race Mexico season one this summer. She proved herself as a queen of many talents, doing well in the Rusical, the makeover and the telenovela acting challenge, winning the girl group challenge and placing in the top two for the design challenge. 

She made it all the way to the final, losing out on the crown to Cristian Peralta.

Gala Varo.
Gala Varo came close to snatching the crown. (World of Wonder)

Kitty Scott-Claus – Drag Race UK season three

Kitty Scott-Claus joined a fairly exclusive club during her time on Drag Race UK season three: she became one of few queens across the franchise to never place below safe. It’s a feat only achieved by the likes of Bianca Del Rio and Envy Peru. 

She won two maxi challenges in a row, the “Miss Fugly Beauty Pageant” and the “Bra Wars” acting challenge, before just losing out on the crown to Krystal Versace. Expect her to be tough competition on Global All Stars.

Kitty Scott-Claus in all-white. 
Kitty Scott-Claus ranks with other Drag Race legends. (Supplied)

Kween Kong – Drag Race Down Under season two

Kween Kong became a fan favourite on Drag Race Down Under for a few reasons: First, for her frankly insane lip-sync performances, during which she launched herself into the air and rolled to the floor. Second, she was a fierce competitor, winning the girl group and the makeover challenges.

Plus, she remains one of the most gorgeous queens – both in and out of drag – in the show’s history. Global All Stars has been calling her name ever since the show was announced.

Kween Kong
Kween Kong is famous for some her lip-sync antics. (Getty/Don Arnold)

Miranda Lebrão – Drag Race Brasil season one

At the time of writing, Miranda Lebrão is still competing in the first season of Drag Race Brasil, which only began airing at the end of August 2023.

The Rio de Janeiro queen has so far proved herself to be one of the season’s ultimate comedy queens, performing well in the Snatch Game, comedy sketch and acting challenges, while, in the most recent episode (11 October), she won her first challenge, serving two amazing looks on the main stage.

Her chances of making it all the way to the final are pretty high at this point – and she could even win the season before her Global All Stars appearance.

Miranda Lebrão
Miranda Lebrão is still taking part in Drag Race Brasil. (World of Wonder)

Nehellenia – Drag Race Italia season two

Drag Race Italia star Nehellenia had an impressive run on her original season, season two. She won one challenge, the makeover, and was top two in the Rusical, eventually placing second/third overall. She was also the only queen, besides the eventual winner La Diamond, to never place below safe. Pretty impressive.

Plus, she was voted Miss Congeniality. A performer, a look queen, and also just a lovely person? She’s going to be a joy to watch.

The promo photo for Drag Race Italia star Nehellenia.
Drag Race Italia star Nehellenia. (World of Wonder/Discovery+)

Pythia – Canada’s Drag Race season two

Pythia is widely considered one of the most well-rounded queens from across all three seasons of Canada’s Drag Race, having won both the Rusical episode and the makeover challenge.

She also performed well in the Snatch Game and the makeover challenge, while many viewers were obsessed with her unique sense of fashion. The two-headed look? The centaur runway? A force to be reckoned with.

Drag Race Canada star Pythia wearing a two-headed look.
Canada’s Drag Race finalist Pythia. (Crave)

Soa de Muse – Drag Race France season one

On the inaugral Drag Race France season, Soa de Muse proved herself as a true contender for the crown, having succeeded at live singing (she won the talent show in episode one), slayed the Snatch Game, and won the girl group challenge.

Even though she was in the bottom twice, her impressive lip-syncing abilities kept her in the contest, and she went all the way to the final.

Drag Race France season one queen Soa De Muse.
Drag Race France finalist Soa De Muse. (World of Wonder)

Tessa Testicle – Drag Race Germany season one

Tessa Testicle is another queen currently on our TV screens, as season one of Drag Race Germany only began airing in September 2023. 

She might be a surprising addition to the Global All Stars cast for some fans because, while all the other queens in the line-up made it to the finale on their season, or at least achieved a challenge win, Tessa was eliminated in eighth place after placing in the bottom three times in four episodes. However, the Swiss queen did know how to serve a look …

Tessa Testicle
Tessa Testicle would seem to be an outsider in the race to win Global All Stars. (World of Wonder/Paramount+)

Vanity Vain – Drag Race Sveridge season one

On the first season of Drag Race Sveridge, Vanity Vain’s very best moment came during the design challenge. She wowed the judges and the fans with her avant-garde, Lady Gaga-esque look, and ultimately won the episode.

She also performed well in general across the season, with some fans thinking she might take the crown, but eventually she made it to third place.

Drag Race Sveridge star Vanity Vain.
Drag Race Sveridge star Vanity Vain. (World of Wonder/SVT1)

Drag Race Global All Stars does not currently have an air date, but it is expected to be shown in 2024.

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