Troye Sivan’s Something To Give Each Other Tour: carefully crafted, unashamedly horny and very gay

Troye Sivan’s Something To Give Each Other tour proves that one of this generation’s foremost queer hitmakers can marry vulnerability and vocals with sex and stardom – and special guests Ross Lynch and Charli XCX at the London stop take the show above and beyond the benchmark.

From the opening refrain of “Got Me Started”, featuring crisp choreo, shirtless and sweaty dancers with more abs than is feasible and the show’s star getting on his knees to sing into a microphone d**k, it’s clear that the crowd at OVO Wembley Arena are in for a night with a Troye Sivan they’ve never seen before.

This is Sivan’s self-professed “pop star” moment – and he heartily gives that to us. There are set changes, there’s choreo for every number that’s so intense it looks like you’re watching a real life music video, plus there are multiple different outfits that all carefully fall into Sivan’s aesthetic of “effortlessly cool and gay, give me a kiss, I know you want to.”

The focus is on the music, as it should be. Crowd pleasers like “Bloom” and “My My My!” swell to fill the arena’s 12,500-seat (sold out) capacity, whereas more intimate musings, like “could cry just thinkin about you” preceded by captivating audience interaction and private-life insights by Troye himself, draw the audience in.

Ross Lynch joins Troye Sivan on stage during the Something to Give Each Other Tour at OVO Arena Wembley on June 27, 2024 in London, England. (Photo by Katja Ogrin/Redferns)

The only section that feels flatter-than-the-rest is the Ariana-Grande-double bill of “Dance To This” and “Supernatural” – the only reason being that, obviously, Grande isn’t there. This minor (and we do mean minor) misstep is soon forgotten, though, whether by the constantly changing set or really, really horny dance moves.

London’s tour date got some extra-special treats, too. Grande might not have been onstage, but any concert goers lingering in 4-out-of-5 star territory should have been drop kicked into the full mark zone by Ross Lynch and Charli XCX’s back-to-back appearances.

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While Lynch reprised his music video role during one of the night’s highlights in “One of Your Girls”, it was the entrance of Charli (fresh from the release of the summer’s c*ntiest album, Brat), to perform collaboration “1999” that sent the show into the stratosphere. Troye holds his own onstage, and it’s glorious.

Ahead of the tour, Troye announced that he was partnering up with Magnum’s Pick Your Pleasure Pass, an initiative which is giving away hundreds of free tickets to some of the UK’s most sought after events this summer.

Pleasure is very much the operative word for both the campaign and Troye’s London show; several times, it seems Troye and whichever dancer/ guest he’s grinding on/ snogging are so lost in that moment that it almost feels too scandalous to watch. Almost.

To be blunt, both Troye and the show is gay and hot, and he completely owns that. As an audience member, that makes you feel the same. Years of therapy couldn’t give you the same euphoria that experiencing “Rush”, complete with ribcage-shaking bass and unabashed queer sexuality does.

Charli XCX joins Troye Sivan on stage during the Something to Give Each Other Tour at OVO Arena Wembley on June 27, 2024 in London, England. (Photo by Katja Ogrin/Redferns)

It’s remarkable how far Troye has come in the public eye; for many in the audience, he was introduced to them via a webcam and a YouTube channel. The Troye that encourages the warehouse to get sweaty with each other and effortlessly breezes from crowd work to choreo, club bangers to ballads and flits between outfits would be proud.

This is an artist who has found their niche, and who has more importantly grown into it, filling the space with pretty much everything an attendee could want from a set, and more. The Something To Give Each Other Tour feels like, for the first time, the Australian born über-twink is a pop star.

The London show of the Something To Give Each Other Tour feels like the crystallisation of Troye Sivan as an unapologetically queer pop prince who’s here to show the world what he’s made of – and snog hot boys while he’s at it.

For information about Magnum’s Pleasure Pass and be in with the chance to win tickets to Troye’s UK tour, click here.

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