Hunter Schafer says she wants to do a vampire rom-com with Emma D’Arcy – the internet is overjoyed

Hunter Schafer wearing a white hat over her hair and Emma D’Arcy wearing a black and white suit at a premiere.

Hunter Schafer and Emma D’Arcy in a vampire movie together? Yes please!

Euphoria star Schafer has shared that she’d love to star in a vampire film with House of the Dragon lead and non-binary icon D’Arcy, noting that their similar appearance could mean they play siblings. The idea of both LGBTQ+ stars collaborating has had the internet hyped, to say the very least.

In an interview with The Standard, Schafer discussed her forthcoming projects, as well as a viral tweet that featured a side by side image of Schafer and D’Arcy, both clad in leather.

The post read: “Hunter Schafer and Emma D’Arcy vampire romcom when?”

Schafer was asked for her thoughts about appearing in a vampire rom-com opposite D’Arcy.

“That would be so cool,” the 25-year-old star replied.

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“Oh my gosh, yes. I don’t think I’ve ever met Emma in real life, but I’ve seen the internet stuff. It’s been around since the start of House of the Dragon.”

She continued: “People have been getting us confused and I do believe we have very similar faces. If it’s a vampire story that would be so cool. I think we could play siblings.”

Schafer’s response went viral, sending fans of both stars into a frenzy over the idea of a collaboration.

Both have risen to fame as fan-favourites in hugely popular shows – Schafer as Jules and D’Arcy as Rhaenyra Targaryen – while being visible trans and gender non-conforming talent.

How have fans reacted to a Hunter Schafer and Emma D’Arcy collab?

In response to Schafer’s comments about working with D’Arcy, fans lost their minds. Honestly, us too!

“Get Kristen Stewart involved in the project, I need an entire show featuring vampire lesbians,” one fan wrote in response to the quote from Schafer.

One excited fan shared: “I would simply pass away if Hunter Schafer and Emma D’Arcy teamed up.”

Others called out for Interview with the Vampire writer Rolin Jones to write the pair into a future third season.

“ROLIN JONES!! CAST EMMA D’ARCY AND HUNTER SCHAFER IN ITWV S3!! AND MY LIFE IS YOURS!!” they wrote with a praying hands emoji.

Interview with the Vampire, based on Anne Rice’s 1976 novel of the same name, is a dark fantasy show that follows Louis de Pointe du Lac (Game of Thrones’ Jacob Anderson) recounting his tumultuous relationship with the vampire Lestat de Lioncourt (The Riot Club star Sam Reid).

Elsewhere, fans noted that Challengers star Mike Faist looks like the “long lost brother of hunter schafer and emma d’arcy.”

Add Faist into the mix (and Kristen Stewart) and this potential queer vampire film’s cast is looking incredible.

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