Charles Clarke hints at Crystal Meth re-classification

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The Home Secretary, Charles Clarke has made the strongest hints yet that Crystal Meth (methylamphetamine) could be reclassified as a class-A drug.

His comments follow a report from the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD), which examined toxicity, risk, manufacture and prevalence of the drug and considered whether the current classification is appropriate.

The ACMD did not recommend the immediate re-classification of the drug but voiced concern over the growing use of the drug.

Also known as ‘tina’, ‘krank’ or ‘ice’, the ease of production and euphoric effects have ensured dramatic escalation of the drug’s distribution worldwide. Crystal Meth users experience a temporary sense of supreme confidence, alertness and have an increased perception of self-attractiveness. On the other hand it also delivers paranoia, agitation and violence in some individuals.

Commenting on the report, the Home Secretary said: “while the ACMD did not recommend changing the classification of the drug, I particularly welcome their undertaking to consider methylamphetamine as a standing agenda item at their Technical Committee, and have asked the Chair of the ACMD, Professor Sir Michael Rawlins, to provide an update of the advice regarding classification in 12 months time.”

He added, “Methylamphetamine is a dangerous drug that has had a major impact on communities in countries such as the United States. It is fortunate that we are in a position to take early action by introducing strong preventative measures to halt its use.”

Earlier, in the week, Andy Hayman, the Association of Chief Police Officers’ spokesman on drugs told the Guardian that Crystal Meth is easy to produce: “we are aware that this white odourless drug can be made with relatively inexpensive over-the-counter ingredients.”

It is anticipated that following a review into the drug next year, the Home Secretary will reclassify possession of the drug as a class-A offence.