Property experts rank Eastern Europe as top gay destination

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Eastern Europe is being touted as a top destination for gay couples looking for a holiday home, according to overseas property experts.

Property writers at Home Overseas Magazine are recommending up and coming countries such as Bulgaria for the perfect getaway since several gay bars and clubs as well as dating agencies have opened up in many parts of the country.

The former Soviet satellite state held its first national gay festival last summer, where it is illegal to discriminate against homosexuals.

Industry insiders recommend Bulgaria as good value for money with property starting from as little as £30,000 and with first class skiing facilities and the massive amount of inward investment due to its bid to host the 2014 Olympic Games.

Experts will be available to talk about Bulgaria, along with other top destinations at the Homes Overseas Magazine Exhibition at the National Hall in Olympia between the 10th and 12th March 2006. Visitors will be able to get legal, cultural and practical advice on the implications of buying a home in their favoured area.

The Home Overseas Exhibition is also offering a comprehensive guide to buying homes overseas for all those who buy a ticket in advance. is running a competition with the magazine to win 15 pairs of tickets to the property exhibition. The lucky readers will get to go to the event in the National Hall between the 10th and 12th March 2006. They will receive free impartial seminars, with detailed expert advice from foreign law specialists, John Howell Co. and financial advisers Blevins Franks on buying property abroad.

It is predicted that this year the UK will spend an additional 50% on property investment, as year after year all the major equity increases come from property. The pension crisis, the lack of company schemes and prospect of working for longer has fuelled the growth in the property market.

Whether its Spain, Cyprus, Dubai or Bulgaria that gets your keys dangling, representatives from countries all over the globe will be on hand at the show and offer you the opportunity to talk first hand to property developers, estate agents, mortgage lenders and lawyers.

Kate Hamilton, editor of Home Overseas Magazine, told “It has never been a better time for gay couples to invest in a home overseas. With the increased tolerance in Eastern Europe, which has an ever-growing gay community, the choice of where to buy has grown enormously in the past few years.”

“With change in civil partnership laws couples are now discovering that with low cost airlines, and cheaper property prices in emerging markets such as Bulgaria and Turkey, their dream of buying a home abroad a can become a practical reality. Making these destinations perfect for a romantic week-end or a relaxing summer break.”

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