Women’s group calling for end to lesbian persecution

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

The Organisation for Women’s Liberation in Iran is calling for an end to sexual apartheid in the country.

They have announced that Wednesday 8 March will be International Women’s Day in solidarity with Iranian women. The group will hold a protest in Parliament Square from 12 noon.

The picket will call for women’s rights, an end to the veil and death penalty for lesbianism and adultery, and condemnation of the Islamic regime for 27 years of crimes against women. They are supported by gay rights group Outrage!

“There can be no freedom worth having if it does not include freedom for women,” said OutRage! spokesman Peter Tatchell.

“Iran will never be truly liberated while women are enslaved by men and mosques.”

“We applaud the courage of Iranian women activists who are battling against clerical misogyny. Their campaign for women’s rights, in defiance of threats to jail and kill them, is heroic and

inspirational,” Mr Tatchell added.