Officers pose as gay men to catch drug dealers

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Police in Singapore are going undercover as homosexuals in an attempt to catch drug traffickers.

Two male officers posed as gay men looking for sex to gain access to a drug ring which supplied ecstasy pills exclusively to the gay community.

Officers found six ecstasy pills in the raid and later found another 136 ecstasy pills and eight Erimin-5 tablets, a banned sedative. Half of those arrested have been charged with drug dealing, they face at least five years in prison and up to five cane strokes.

“From our understanding, they believe that by consuming drugs while having sex, their sexual pleasure can be heightened,” a police officer told Singapore tabloid The New Paper.

Homosexual acts are illegal in Singapore and gay parades are banned so not to offend conservative citizens. Gay people face a maximum of two years in prison for gay sex in the country.