Councillor slams gay cruising website

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Council officials in Swansea are worried after a website listed 19 public places it recommended for gay sex and “cruising” in the area.

Castle Ward councillor David Phillips said he was concerned that many of the areas were in busy public places such as toilets in local supermarkets, park locations, bus stations and car parks.

He told the South Wales Evening Post, “I’m particularly concerned that this activity is being encouraged by websites like this, while people’s sexual activity is their own business, it’s a matter of concern when it’s done in places where it could offend others.”

“I’m surprised at places like the Quadrant bus station being included, given its busyness and the fact it’s supervised. While it’s a police issue, the suggestion it’s going on in supervised public conveniences is a matter of concern to the council.”

A South Wales Police spokesman said : “Reports of such activities have been made to the police in the past and we are working with our local partners to discourage such behaviour.”

Cruising and sexual activity in public toilets has been illegal since the Sexual Offences Act 2003.