Homophobia hits Hungarian elections

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Members of Hungary’s ruling coalition party have been accused of destroying traditional values in an anti gay tirade from opposition group, the Christian Democrat People’s Party (KDNP.)

The KNDP, which is allied to the main conservative opposition, Fidesz, increased its anti gay standing in the run up to elections, when it accused the liberal party of corroding the country’s values by supporting schemes such as gay pride.

Party president Zsolt Semjen told the party’s national assembly over the weekend, “We have had enough of the deviances, enough of the gay pride, the drug liberalisation and the destruction of values which (the liberal Free Democrats) SZDSZ has been doing.

Mr Semjen supported Polish president Lech Kaczynski’s previous ban on gay parades in Warsaw as mayor of the Polish capital.

“He had the courage as mayor of Warsaw to chuck out the gay parade from Warsaw to protect youth and public morals,” he said.

Mr Kaczynski, had banned gay parades because he felt they were harmful to children by “promoting” homosexuality.

The Hungarian elections take place from April 9 to 23. Fidesz and the ruling Socialists are in a close race, with the latest opinion polls suggesting a slight Socialist lead or a tie.

SZDSZ is not certain of gaining the necessary five percent of votes to get into parliament.