R Kelly disowns brother over bisexual claims

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R B star R Kelly is bisexual, according to a DVD being promoted by younger brother, Carey Kelly.

Mr Kelly, told New York Radio station Hot 97 that his low budget release reveals the artist, real name Robert Kelly, has asked him to cover for him in his upcoming trial for child pornography, beats his wife and is bisexual.

He said: “My brother wanted me to do some s**t pertaining to this case that would leave me behind bars with a record deal. It doesn’t make sense, so I turned it down. Since I couldn’t lie for him in a court of law, we’re back to beefing again, and we ain’t brothers no more.”

“I’d rather get it (fame and money) on my own than sell my soul, so that’s why I’m speaking the truth.”

R Kelly’s spokesman said: “This is not the first time Carey has made ridiculous accusations against his brother. We’re not going to dignify them with a comment.”

The singer is due to stand trial on child pornography charges in Chicago, Illinois in April. He has pleaded innocent.