Developer promises gay retirement homes

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A Boston real estate mogul has announced groundbreaking plans to build a gay and lesbian retirement community.

David Aronstein’s company, Stonewall Communities, will develop bedroom units along with a fitness centre, communal dining rooms, and parking spaces targeted at lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities.

Mr Aronstein told the project will be the first urban development designed to handle the needs of aging gay and lesbian baby boomers, “What’s striking to me is this is a really groundbreaking kind of thing for Boston.

“There is no other urban condominium development targeted to older gay and lesbians anywhere in the US. As in many things, Boston is leading the way,” he said.

His idea came from a recent study which revealed gays and lesbians feel more comfortable in urban settings with easy access to transport and amenities

The houses are expected to open their doors in spring 2008.