Exclusive: Christian party may seek to overturn pro-gay laws

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The Christian People’s Alliance (CPA) would not necessarily uphold the laws on gay adoption and marriage if the party comes into power at the upcoming local elections, according to their federal president.

Peter Flower told PinkNews.co.uk today that the CPA would only support policies relating to supporting the family and areas where the group feels there is a proper need for funding such as council tax and pensions.

He said: “We obviously have to adhere to what has been passed by Parliament but wouldn’t necessarily seek to uphold that.

“There are pieces of law we campaigned against and we would seek to overturn them, but not all are applicable at a local level.”

The CPA campaigned against Britain’s Civil Partnerships bill last year, Newham councillor Alan Craig said: “Marriage is a sacred institution given to us by God, but today it is under attack from many secular forces in Britain.

“As Christians, we believe in marriage, and we should work together with people of other faiths to defend and promote it.

“Independent research proves conclusively that the commitment and stability of the marriage-based family provides the best domestic arrangement for the nurture of children and consequently for our future as a society. Yet the government undermines parental authority and brings in laws that undermine marriage.

“The tax and benefits system is biased against marriage, the new Civil Partnerships laws promote a false and counterfeit idea of marriage that is a destructive parody of the real thing.

“Yet the marriage-based family is a very effective long-term answer to child poverty, adolescent anti-social behaviour, teenage pregnancy and educational underachievement.”

The CPA has launched a manifesto for local government called ‘ Seeking the Good of our Towns and Cities’. It outlines key policies which reflect the Christian Democratic tradition, supporting families, equipping communities, delivering taxpayer value and tackling crime and disorder

Speaking at a meeting of CPA members in Kingston in south-west London on the eve of the opening of nominations, Mr Flower said : “This is a bold, Christian Democratic vision that will enable local communities to be transformed through support for the bedrock of our society – families.

“We plan to ensure that families are given opportunities to nurture their relationships within local communities to help care for the young, older people and the vulnerable.”

Local elections are being held on Thursday 4th May 2006.