Peruvian presidential candidate’s anti-gay support

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The family of a Peruvian presidential candidate is involved in issuing homophobic death threats, according to an openly bisexual talk show host in the South American country.

Jaime Bayly claims he is being accused of “spreading immorality to the four winds and harming youth” by the parents of Ollanta Humala, the favourite to win this weekend’s presidential elections in Lima.

Mr Bayly said: “The Humalas accuse me of ‘spreading immorality to the four winds’ and ‘harming youth’ by saying I’m bisexual.”

“They’re wrong, of course. I’m defending tolerance and respect for sexual minorities.”

Mr Humala denies any connections to his family’s views, he said: “I’m not homophobic, in the 21st century I don’t think anyone should be discriminated against for such preferences or options, whatever word you want to use.”

Mr Bayly claims he tried to invite Mr Humala’s parents onto his show, The Sharpshooter, but the father responded, “Tell that queer we’re not going to his programme and when we’re in the government, we’re going to have him shot.”

The host criticised Mr Humala for not apologising on his parents behalf, “If it’s true he is not violent or homophobic, he should have apologised for his parents’ comments.

“He should have apologised to Peru’s homosexual community.”

Mr Humala’s family members are known for their radical views including support of Adolf Hitler, making lighter skinned people second class citizens and advocating violence against gay people.