Labour warns against supporting “pink chameleon”

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David Cameron would “move stealthily” against the gay community if the Tories return to power, according to the Labour Campaign for Lesbian and Gay Rights (LCLGR).

Speaking in reaction to a poll which revealed an increase in gay support for the Conservative Party, the LCLGR cast doubts on leader Mr Cameron’s credentials.

Katie Hanson, co-chair of the LCLGR told, “David Cameron might appear to be fresher in his thinking but we believe he is out of kilter with the bulk of his Party.

“As we know, one day David the Chameleon is blue, the next pink, the next green.

“There is still a significant section of Conservative members and supporters who have never supported the equality measures which Labour has introduced since 1997- age of consent, civil partnerships, abolition of section 28- and he would move stealthily against the LGBT community if the Tories were to return to power.” asked if Ms Hanson believed it was cynical to question Mr Cameron for moving forward and initiating dialogue on gay issues, she said: “It is not cynical to question the leader of a party that talks about change and tolerance when changes and tolerance are clearly the last thing many grass roots Conservatives would want.

“To lead his party to the better position he talks about, Mr Cameron needs to carry opinion with him. That means changing the opinions of elected politicians who rail against what they see as political correctness- what wee see as human rights- and compare gay people to ‘sex offenders’ and ‘criminals'”

Conservative Party chairman Francis Maude welcomed the poll, he said: “David Cameron has said he wants the Conservative Party to be a voice for hope, for optimism and for change. This means we have to be a fully inclusive Party.

“A Party for everyone, regardless of race, gender or sexuality.”

The survey of 600 readers, selected to be demographically representative of LGBT people in England, showed a 10.2% increase in support for the Conservatives since 2005.