Lesbian couple barred after kissing in pub

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A Lesbian couple have been banned from their local pub for life after patrons complained about them kissing.

Kelly Murray and Laura McGuire were told to leave the Grapes Tavern pub in Hereford after kissing and being told bar staff would have “none of that in here.”

The pair had been regulars in the establishment and were celebrating buying a flat together, Ms McGuire said: I’ve taken my last two girlfriends to the Grapes without a problem, so this has come as a real shock.

“We were very excited about the mortgage so I gave Kelly a peck on the lips, nothing more.

“Kelly and I don’t like kissing in public and so all we did was give each other a simple peck on the cheek.

“I cannot see how anyone could have a problem with that and that is why I was so shocked and upset when they told us off.

“There wouldn’t be this fuss over a man and woman. It’s discrimination.”

The landlord, Mick Price, said: “It was a lot more than a peck on the cheek. I suppose you could have called it heated kissing because they were really going for it at the time.

“I’ve got nothing at all against gay people and we get gay people coming in here for a drink all the time.

“But you can’t do what these two girls were doing and, had it been a straight couple, they would have been thrown out and banned, too.

“Kissing like that just makes everyone else feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.”