Anti gay protesters heckle Irish minister

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Anti gay protesters gatecrashed a talk by Irish Minister for Justice, Michael McDowell today, accusing him of perverting Irish children.

The minister was speaking in Dublin on the subject of civil partnerships for same sex couples in Ireland.

But his speech was cut short when six audience members began to throw water, cups and copies of the constitution at him.

They accused him of perverting Irish children through pro gay laws.

The men, believed to be members of Catholic organisation, the Ancient Order of the Hibernians, were escorted out of the building, the Evening Echo reports.

Last December, Mr McDowell met with gay rights campaigners in Dublin following the first civil partnerships in Britain and announced the creation of a government committee to examine the case for gay marriages.

“Our view is that the centre of gravity in Ireland has shifted,” Mr McDowell told the gathering, “Irish people know that being fair to everyone in the community is good for the community.”

Mr McDowell also voiced his support for changes to adoption laws saying that gay and lesbians are “as good or as bad as heterosexual parents.”