Macy’s removes ‘gay’ mannequins

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A Macy’s department store has given into pressure from an anti gay group after it removed a gay pride display from its window this week.

The Boston store featured two male mannequins standing next to eachother, with one of them wearing a rainbow flag, but removed them after MassResistance told followers to complain claiming the display promotes “raunchy homosexual behaviour.”

The window display marked Massachusetts’s Gay Pride Week, and included a list of events taking place.

The MassResistaneWatch website, which exposes homophobic groups in the State, said: “They’re just obsessing over mannequins they claim are gay. How did they know, mannequin gaydar?

“Macy’s should be embarrassed for listening to these fools.”

Elina Kazan, a Macy’s spokeswoman, said the dummies were removed after complaints but the list of events remained, “We believe in diversity, and our customers are very important to us. But the display did offend a few of our customers, and we had to re-examine it.”