Government advisors push to reclassify gay clubbing drug

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Popular clubbing drug crystal meth should be reclassified as a Class A drug, according to government drug advisors.

The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs has recommended to Home Secretary John Reid that the currently Class B drug should be moved to Class A, giving police the right to crackdown on it.

Crystal meth is a popular clubbing drug with the gay community, also known as ‘tina’, ‘krank’ or ‘ice’, the ease of production and euphoric effects have ensured dramatic escalation of the drug’s distribution worldwide.

Users experience a temporary sense of supreme confidence, alertness and have an increased perception of self-attractiveness. On the other hand it also delivers paranoia, agitation and violence in some individuals.

The increased arousal fuels users to completely abandon safe sex whilst involving themselves with multiple partners, many of whom are HIV+.

Former Home Secretary Charles Clarke has previously signalled that the drug would be reclassified.

A Home Office spokesperson told that the report had been received and will now be considered.