Murder toilets popular for gay cruising

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Toilets where an eight-year-old girl was killed last week have emerged as a popular cruising ground for gay men.

Sofia Rodriguez-Urrutia Shu was murdered last week in the toilets of the Livingston Marketplace shopping centre in the outskirts of Perth, Australia.

The toilets had previously been featured on a popular cruising website, Squirt, promoted as “the dating site that caters to the sex pig”.

The listing for the shopping centre had been removed when visited the website today, but The Australian claims that the following comments were published alongside the listing:

“Make some movement and let the guy in the other cubicle know it’s on for a show.” Another said: “I had a hot time in there during the week with a guy.”

Police investigating the death of the child have said that they have not established any link between users of the website and the murder.

The child was killed after she was separated from her uncle and brother when going to the toilet. Her body was found on the floor of a disabled toilet minutes later.

Dante Wyndham Arthurs has been arrested and charged with murder.