Roll over Colleen and Victoria, the real Footballer’s wives are back!

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Sharpen your perfectly manicured nails and pour yourself a glass of Moet. The real Footballer’s wives are back!

For one episode only, Tanya Turner recovers from poisoning, and Amber Gates escapes the mental hospital, to have one last fling with television star Graham Norton.

He’ll be playing a mysterious hunk, the fabulously named Nigel Spunk, who may or may not be the new signing to Earl’s Park.

The girls lust and bitch about him as they pick at their lunches, keeping half an eye on a randy waiter, played by DJ Normski, but will their saucy romp that ensues be cut short when a jealous Bruno turns up with a gun …?

The episode, which is being made to raise money for Sport Relief, will be shown on Saturday 15th of June on BBC 1 at 11.30pm.

After weeks of watching insipid girly shopping trips and low level gossiping from the WAGS out in Germany, it’s good to get back to the real raw deal. With their perfectly manicured nails sharpened for action, and mindful that a pool-side bitch is never as much fun as a good clean murder, Tanya and Amber put the likes of Posh, Alex and Colleen in the shade.

It’s good to have you back, ladies!