Protest for gay couples’ immigration rights

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Immigration groups have organised protests to argue for the extension of right to same sex couples.

The protest, led by Out4Immigration, will take place across California next week to highlight the discrepancy in current immigration law that only allows for heterosexual partners to apply for green cards because of their relationship.

The protests will coincide with Labour Day marches in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Wilmington.

It is hoped that the protest will send a clear message to the US Congress and the White House regarding immigration rights.

Out4Immigration is acting in support of the Uniting American Families Act, formerly known as the Permanent Partners Immigration Act, currently introduced before Congress.

It is the only current proposed immigration legislation to mention gay and lesbian binational couples.

“Out4Immigration is eager to work with other immigrant rights groups to build a strong coalition to advance appropriate reform legislation for all immigrants,” said Mickey Lim, Vice President of Out4Immigration.

He added, “At a recent National Grassroots Immigrant Strategy Conference in Washington, DC, the attendees gave their unanimous support to helping pass the Uniting American Families Act and in turn, we’d like to offer our support in finding a path to humane immigration rights for all.”

Out4Immigration has shown how gay partners in the United States have been forced to take up residency in other countries that allow for immigration for same sex partners.

In one example a US citizen was forced into moving to Spain in order to continue seeing his gay lover after US authorities had refused requests for the Spaniard to stay in the US.

The immigrant has been forced to move country and learn a new language.

According to the 2000 census the United States has 36,000 binational couples that could be separated due to a lack of legal protection.