Jailed newlywed lesbian stands by her woman

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A lesbian woman is standing by her abusive partner who was jailed for battering her black and blue in a jealous attack.

Sarah Smith is starting her 14-month prison sentence after lashing out at Tracy McVeigh only days after their civil partnership ceremony.

“From the moment I met Sarah, I knew we would be together for ever,” Ms McVeigh, 36, told the Newcastle Chronicle “We moved in together after a four-week whirlwind romance and got married almost four years later. She became angry after her father died and she didn’t know how to handle it. She ended up taking it out on me.”

Mother-of-three Ms Smith, 34, received a 14 month sentence at Newcastle Crown Court after admitting to assault, damage and affray.

After arriving in a drunken rage at their home, Ms Smith, accused Ms McVeigh of sleeping with her ex-husband. Ms Smith then turned up the next day at the Ms McVeigh’s workplace, an amusement arcade, and proceeded to smash three gaming machines, the court was told.

But the pair rekindled their relationship soon after the assault, going on a camping holiday to the Lake District after Ms Smith’s father died and left her some money .

“After the wedding, Sarah got very upset because her father wasn’t there to see her happy moment.” Ms McVeigh told the Newcastle Chronicle. “Only a couple of weeks after our wedding she said she wanted more space to think. She left our home and went to stay with friends and it was during that time she came back to the house after having a drink.

“She accused me of sleeping with my ex-husband which was nonsense.

“Sarah is a loving person and we get along very well. She just wishes her father was still here.”

“Now we are apart it is awful. We are newlyweds and we should be together.”

Peter Schofield, defending, said: “[Ms Smith] does regret the violence. She makes a clear apology to the victim for what took place during that emotional and volatile period.”

Judge Recorder Kelbrick, responsible for jailing Ms Smith declared: “The offences are so serious the only sentence I can pass is one of custody.”