Gay comedian saves life in pier drama

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Gay comedian Alan Carr, star of the Friday Night Project yesterday helped to save a man’s life after he was about to jump from Blackpool Pier.

Alan Carr along with tap dancing legend Lionel Blair had been filming an End-of-the Pier show in the North Pier’s Sun Lounge when they heard the commotion before rushing to the scene to help.

“We got there and there was a man clinging on,” Carr told the BBC.

The entertainment duo at first tried to talk the man down who was holding onto the railings by his fingertips. Blair describes how the man “did a double take, but then said, No I want to go”

Carr and Blair subsequently reached over the railings grabbing the man, before pulling him back to safety.

Lancashire police last night said a man was arrested but then returned uninjured to the care of his family.