Russell Brand: David Cameron is a posh ‘w***er’ who doesn’t worry about gay rights

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Comedian Russell Brand has made an expletive-laden rant about David Cameron and George Osborne, dubbing them “posh w***ers” and has suggested they are indifferent to gay rights.

In an interview to be broadcast tonight on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man show on Channel 4, Brand ranted: “I think if your job is to look after the country and you don’t care about the people who need it most, you’re out of order, and you’re a filthy, dirty, posh w***er,”.

He added: “It’s alright if you go to Eton and then you’re in the House of Parliament. It’s alright for them to say ‘oh don’t worry about gay rights, don’t worry about poor people’, because it’s not part of their lives, but it’s part of our lives,” said the actor and comedian.

Brand’s assertion that David Cameron doesn’t “worry” about gay rights appears to be at odds from the prime minister’s decision to champion and legalise equal marriage for England and Wales.

Writing exclusively for, directly after June’s Royal Assent of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act, the prime minister said: “I have backed this reform because I believe in commitment, responsibility and family. I don’t want to see people’s love divided by law.”

He added: “The UK is rated as the best place in Europe for LGBT equality – but we cannot be complacent. There are subjects we must continue to tackle: not least taking a zero tolerance approach to homophobic bullying, and caring for elderly members of the LGBT community. Rest assured, this government will work tirelessly to make sure this happens.”

At last month’s Conservative Party Conference, Chancellor George Osborne told delegates that equal marriage was “a very powerful part of the Conservative story”.

He said: “A landmark piece of social legislation has been passed this year – it is not universally popular in this room probably.

“But gay marriage is a very big piece of social legislation. There is a Conservative story which is not told often enough.

Labour peer Lord Alli paid tribute to David Cameron and Tony Blair for their role in advancing LGBT equality in Britain at this month’s Stonewall Awards.

Lord Alli said Mr Cameron had “changed the centre ground” by legalising equal marriage in England and Wales.