Comment: Where is the gay community’s apology?

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.’s Marc Shoffman asks whether the Pope should follow up his apology to Muslims with a retraction to every other community he has hurt.

So the Pope has met Muslim groups today offering his “total and profound respect” for their community.

His apology comes after referring to a historical quote claiming the prophet Muhammad brought only evil to the world. Ok maybe a bit extreme but Benedict didn’t say it himself, yet a few burning effigies later and he is on his knees to the Muslim world, begging for forgiveness.

At the risk of seeing pictures of myself burned to death, I must ask all these angry Muslims to join the queue along with the gays, women, Jews and all those living in the 21st Century.

What about all the Jews the pontiff may have once intimidated as a member of the Hitler Youth? Or the women he enrages when he condemns abortion and contraception?

What about the bigotry he encourages every time he refers to the biblical belief that homosexuality is sinful and ignores disease, poverty and war to set up conferences particularly to address the life threatening issue of gay marriage?

If Pope Benedict XVI is going to apologise to the Muslim community he must be consistent and apologise to the gay community for every hate crime he encourages, to women for attempting to remove their right to choose if they want to have a baby, to every single parent he insults when he says a husband and wife is the only natural family structure.

While the Bible appears to condemn homosexual sex, it also condemns uninformed judgment, shaving and once banned eating shellfish.

So while Benedict sits clean shaven, prawn sandwich in one hand, and pointing fingers with the other, why should anyone else have to put up with his misinformed personal insults? will be waiting for his call.