Killer nearly sawed off lesbian’s head

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A killer who nearly sawed his former lover’s head off after she told him she was leaving him for a woman has been found guilty of murder.

James Seaton, 46, is expected to be handed a life sentence for the murder of Jacqueline Queen last November.

Seaton, from East Finchley, North London, attacked her with a hammer and a 12-inch knife after hearing he was being dumped for a woman, the court heard.

Then after wrapping the body in sheets and hiding it in the wardrobe he asked his brother to help move the piece of furniture, the jury was told.

Unfortunately for him the body fell out.

His brother, John Seaton, helped dump the body and then reported the incident to police.

He is charged with perverting the course of justice and will be sentenced along with his brother tomorrow.

The jury rejected claims that James Seaton was suffering from a mental illness.

Detective Inspector John Nicholson told the Edgware and Mill Hill Times, “I am pleased the jury recognised that James Seaton was neither provoked into his violent actions nor suffering from such abnormality of mind that he could claim the defence of diminished responsibility.”