Trans stalker looking for Michael Jackson to Thrill-her

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An Australian drag queen is stalking pop legend Michael Jackson, according to reports.

The star has enlisted extra security after receiving around 100 letters a day from the Sydney based transvestite.

The note maker expresses a desire to marry Jackson, a source told the Daily Star ahead of the performer’s appearance at this week’s World Music Awards in London, “They are from a man who works as a drag queen in the seedy King’s Cross area of Sydney.

“The content is eerie and this person is seemingly obsessed with Michael. (He is) saying that he knows Michael and wants to marry him.”

Meanwhile, the singer, who has become a bit of a recluse of late, is rumoured to be planning an appearance at a Christmas party in Tokyo, Japan next month, with tickets reported to be $3,400.

Earlier this year, the star had to pay former business partner Marc Schaffel $700,000, after sacking him on discovering former work as a gay porn director.