Gay campaigners celebrate The L Word

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and Showtime Networks Inc. are teaming up to host more than three dozen nationwide premiere events for the fourth season of lesbian drama The L Word.

Gay campaigners at the HRC and Showtime Networks have partnered together for all four seasons of the show by hosting events with complimentary admission in cities across the country.

At these events, suggested donations are collected which go towards the work of the Human Rights Campaign to promote equality and fairness for all Americans. This year, 38 communities will be hosting events the week of the premiere.

“For four years, our partnership with Showtime has allowed thousands of members of our community to gather together in the name of great entertainment and equality,” said Human Rights Campaign Vice President of Development Cathy Nelson.

“Last year alone, we had nearly 17,000 HRC supporters and L WORD fans come out to celebrate the premiere of another season of this truly groundbreaking series. These gatherings allow a primarily female audience to celebrate living their lives openly and honestly. We are proud to again be co-hosting these events with Showtime, who has shown through the support of this show a commitment to telling our story.”

Ilene Chaiken, creator and executive producer of The L Word, said: “The L Word endeavours to tell the stories of the lives of these characters in a way that reflects the diversity of the LGBT community, like the Human Rights Campaign, we are committed to celebrating the breadth and scope of our community and speaking out about equality and fairness for all people. Through our partnership with HRC, we continue to reach out to the LGBT community across the country in celebration our lives.”

Stars from the show will also attend the events.

This year, Showtime has announced a special “free membership offer” for customers who sign up for a subscription of Showtime. In exchange for their subscription, Showtime will pay for a one-year membership for new members to the Human Rights Campaign

The show premieres on Sunday January 7 2007at 1000 PM (EST).