Anti-gay propaganda from Christian activists on YouTube

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An offensive video created by an unnamed Christian group denouncing the new Sexual Orientation Regulations is circulating on YouTube.

The footage shows a primary school teacher reading about homosexuality to a group of small children.

It comes with a warning that nobody aged under 18 should view it.

The video incorrectly claims that “the government is determined to pass a law that will, among other things, force schools to teach homosexual sex and relationships to children of all ages in schools.”

The regulations will prohibit discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation in the provision of goods, facilities and services, including schools.

They will not affect the national curriculum. However, the regulations will protect gay students from discrimination, so that they cannot be expelled or denied admission because of their or their parents sexual orientation.

The crudely made video states that “we [Christians] are being discriminated against” and that their campaign is supported by “the vast majority of the British public.”

It was posted by user Campaign2007, and is the only video uploaded by that user on YouTube.

The video encourages Christians to rally outside the Houses of Parliament tomorrow in protest.

Christian groups who oppose the Sexual Orientation Regulations (SORs) include CARE, The Christian Institute and the Evangelical Alliance.

CARE has criticised the government for bringing in the regulations so close to Freedom Day, a day in the UK on March 25 to celebrate the abolition of the slave trade.

The group claim compare their campaign against the SORs to that of William Wilberforce, one of the leading figures in the movement to abolish slavery.

CARE say that abolitionists were mainly Christians exercising their “practical faith”, and that they should have the right to do the same when denying gay couples goods and services.

The Evangelical Alliance strongly support the right of concerned Christians to protest outside Parliament, but say that they do not necessarily believe this is the best way to express the “understandable and real” concerns about the regulations.

Dr Don Horrocks, head of public affairs at the Evangelical Alliance said: “We do not support discrimination against gay people.

“But equally Christians don’t want to find themselves coerced by law into facilitating the promotion of homosexuality.”

He added: “It is difficult to understand why a fair and common sense compromise has not been incorporated into these regulations, giving rise to widespread belief that the underlying agenda is ideologically motivated and that equality is being asserted at the expense of diversity. But you cannot legislate against conscience.

“We shall therefore be advising our members to continue to serve their communities as Christians have done for centuries unless and until the law shuts them down.”

The Christian Institute has questioned whether the new laws will affect the curriculum, and claim that the joint committee on the subject have suggested that the curriculum would be covered.

Colin Hart, Director of The Christian Institute, said today: “The government is clearly stifling debate on these contentious regulations.

“Given the level of controversy surrounding these regulations, this is deeply undemocratic.

“The government is ignoring the sincerely-held views of religious groups who have every reason to fear these regulations.

“The Equality Act was supposed to prevent religious discrimination, but these Sexual Orientation Regulations enshrine it.

He added: “A Government-funded project is openly preparing to use the regulations to insist that schools adopt pro-gay picture books for children as young as five.

“The Government has been less than frank about the impact of these regulations on the curriculum.”

A Department for Education and Skills spokesman told

“We trust teachers to use their professional judgement to decide which resources or publications can support teaching and learning in the classroom.

“If parents have concerns about materials being used they should discuss these with the school. But it is inaccurate to suggest that the regulations will require schools to promote gay rights or homosexuality in schools.

“Existing guidance makes clear that teaching should meet the needs of all young people whatever their family circumstances or developing sexuality and that all topics related to sex and sexuality are taught in a way that is age-appropriate.”

The Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association brought the video to wider attention.

GALHA secretary George Broadhead said: “This is the biggest and most

united religious campaign we have seen for a long time.

“Baroness O’Cathain, spurred on by the Christian Institute, has tabled a motion to overturn the regulations.

“If they succeed, they will have severely retarded the push for LGBT equality, and it will spur them on to other actions to push our rights back even further. If they fail, they will have been given the message loud and clear – Britain no longer wishes to be bossed about by clerics.

“It will be the best argument for getting the bishops out of the House of Lords once and for all. And it will send a message to the bigots that they will not prevail.”

The Christian protest against the SORs will be held in Parliament Square tomorrow at 12 noon for one hour.

To watch the video click here