Birmingham towpath rapists might get life

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A judge at Birmingham Crown Court told two man convicted of robbing and then raping his male victim that they could be given a life sentence.

Daniel Myers,20, of Barry Jackson Tower in Aston, was found guilty alongside Nikos Johnson, 26, of Rawling Street, Ladywood, of one charge of robbery and two of rape.

The Birmingham Post reports that during the trial Myers revealed under cross-examination that he is HIV+

Judge Peter Ross has delayed sentencing the pair until he has seen reports, but said they posed a serious risk to the public.

Myers and Johnson pounced on their victim as he returned home for a gay nightclub along a towpath in the city.

They robbed him at knifepoint and then raped him.

The victim had come to Birmingham on March 4th last year to sample the gay nightlife, became separated from his friends, and was returning to his hotel.

“This is a dreadful case. It was a brutal and appalling attack. The fact that it was carried out by someone who was HIV positive without any form of protection is spine-chilling,” said Judge Ross, according to the Post.