Homophobic Christian thinks gays are all white

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Stephen Green, an activist with extremist group Christian Voice, has questioned the presence of racist group the National Front at Pride events, on the basis that “homosexuals are not black or Asian as a rule.”

The controversial preacher made his observation as part of his report on the group’s website about his protest at this year’s Brighton Pride celebrations.

He also complains that the NF are “copying” his idea of protesting at gay events.

Mr Green was arrested last year for handing out leaflets at Cardiff Mardi Gras which included quotes saying homosexuality is wrong. No charges were brought against him.

At Brighton’s Pride event earlier this month, Mr Green and a small group of activists picketed at the entrance to Preston Park, surrounded by police officers for their own protection.

Several people were upset by their presence and shouted abuse or threw missiles, but the vast majority of the estimated 150,000 who partied in the park ignored them.

“What were the National Front doing turning up half-way down the parade?” Mr Green wrote in his report on Brighton Pride.

“Homosexuals are not black or Asian as a rule, they are overwhelmingly white, and therefore totally scrumptious from a National Front point of view.

“Funny how the NF have just picked up on the idea of protesting at gay pride events, three years after we started in London 2005.

“Could it be that some homosexual in the NF has worked out that their presence could devalue ours?”

Mr Green praised the police for protecting him and other Christian activists from being attacked and allowing them to hand out leaflets, but complained that several police forces had stands in Preston Park.

“There were stalls representing no fewer than seven police forces. Kent, Essex, the Metropolitan Police, Wiltshire, Hertfordshire, Devon Cornwall (quite a drive) and Sussex, showing off their new Lotus police car, all had stands proclaiming their commitment to diversity and their desire to help homosexuals fabricate allegations of ‘homophobia’ against all who displease them.”

Despite the protests of the NF and Christian Voice, Brighton Pride 2007 was a huge success.

It is estimated that the Pride festival generated £7.5 million for the local economy and businesses.