Everything you need to know about trans Trump supporter and controversial YouTuber Blaire White

Blaire White sat on a green tank

Transgender American YouTuber and political commentator Blaire White is an online figure who has been the subject of widespread criticism. 

She’s been in the news again recently after author and activist Eli Erlick – who is also transgender – tweeted on 9 April 2024 that she’d settled a lawsuit against White, prompting many people to share their thoughts about the controversial influencer on X – formerly Twitter.

The 30-year-old Donald Trump supporter describes her politics as centre-right, but many have noted that the perspectives and actions she broadcasts are more aligned with far-right ideologies.

White came out as trans to her family and friends when she was 20 and began hormone therapy in 2015. Since then, White has spoken about her gender identity on her channel, podcast and more widely in interviews.

However, her right-wing stance hasn’t prevented her from facing transphobia. In 2021, she was subjected to disgusting hate by a fellow conservative during a “painful to watch” panel discussion with self-described “America First, Recovery and the unborn” activist Lauren Witze.

“I don’t know how much you know about me, but I’m probably the most vocal anti-children transitioning person on the internet,” White said.

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Witze interjected and said: “The best thing you can do for us is grow out your moustache and tell people not to live like you.”

But what else do we know about Blaire White? Let’s find out.

Who is Blaire White?

Blaire White is seen on August 6, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Hollywood To You/Star Max/GC Images)

White has 1.4 million subscribers on her main YouTube account and 613K subscribers on her The Blaire White Project podcast channel. Her content revolves around social issues pertaining to transgender people, feminism and the Black Lives Matter movement.

White’s YouTube uploads centre on anti-feminist political videos while documenting her gender transition; recent video topics include “The “Trans Lesbians” of Tinder Are A Big Problem” and “This Non-Binary TikToker Tried To Attack Me In A Pathetic Way.”

Also, White’s social media posts are often the topic of controversy, including a tweet she posted on Wednesday (17 April) where she posted a still of Family Guy’s Lois Griffin looking at a tub of pills. Another Youtuber, Lily Simpson, shared a screenshot of Blaire White’s tweet, which took aim at non-binary people.

Simpson commented on White’s post, writing: “its honestly just sad watching Blaire White desperately appealing to a crowd of people who will inevitably throw her in the same trashcan as the rest of us.”

This isn’t the first time White’s posts have got her in hot water. In November 2017, White posted a video where she and her boyfriend wore a Trump ‘Make America Great Again’ hat to attend an anti-Trump protest on Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of Fame.

White claimed she had been assaulted twice at the event. However, Snopes reported that the police stated that White and her boyfriend initiated the altercation by crossing an LAPD dividing line between the opposing sides.

Blaire White and Alex Jones

Blaire White smiles during a red carpet event.
Blaire White has been routinely criticised for her videos. (Getty)

White has engaged in many public debates with public figures such as Ben Shapiro, ContraPoints, Piers Morgan, and Onision.

Though White’s boost in the right-wing space came with her appearance on Alex Jones’ far-right conspiracy theory show InfoWars. On the show, in August 2023, Jones asked White if “chemicals” were involved in making her trans.

“There are people who felt that way from a very young age and then whatever like me, and then there are people who do it for a fetish and it’s like a sexual thing,” White said, stating there are “several types of trans people.”

Jones then interrupted her describing some trans people as “perverts in the bathroom.” White then agreed with Jones’ statement, saying that there was not a sexual element to her transition. 

“Do you think it was the chemicals because we know the studies are there, that embryonically put you in that direction?” Jones asked.

White answered: “I’m not writing it off. I’ve thought about it a lot. I think okay, so what caused this, because it’s clearly an anomaly, right?”

InfoWars isn’t the only talk show appearance White has made. More widely, she became the first openly trans woman on the Joe Rogan Experience as well as the first openly trans woman to be featured in Penthouse Magazine in 2018.

Blaire White and Dr Phil

Another appearance of White’s aimed at increasing her media presence was Dr Phil, a show dedicated to analysing and confronting the issues that his guests bring. 

In 2021, White posted a YouTube video titled “I Filmed an Episode of Dr. Phil That Is NEVER Airing.. *TEA*” where she revealed she had filmed an episode of the show but it had been scrapped before it aired. 

In the video, White outlined that her episode of the daytime show was focused on her reconciling with the family that had disowned her for being transgender.

She stated her episode had been pulled for “legal reasons,” a point which White called “bulls**t.”

“I think that it’s possible that they filmed with me, and then they kind of looked more into who I was,” White theorised. “I think it’s possible that they disagreed with me politically and that was maybe a motivator.”

She noted that she did not give producers “the politically correct soundbites they needed” for the show. 

“They asked me questions about pronouns, trans sports, all this kind of stuff, where I obviously diverge from maybe the normal trans guests that they have.

“They disrupted my life, wasted my time, contacted my family, opened wounds with my family that didn’t necessarily need to be opened if they weren’t gonna actually air it and give us help,” she said of Dr Phil’s producers, clarifying she wasn’t personally upset with the host.

Blaire White/Eli Erlick lawsuit

Eli Erlick posing in a photoshoot.
Eli Erlick filed the case in response to a video Blaire White made about her. (Twitter/@EliErlick)

White was recently embroiled in a lawsuit with writer and activist Eli Erlick. 

On 9 April 2024, Erlick tweeted details about a lawsuit she was involved in with White, claiming that the case has now been settled: “Blaire White previously posted tweets and a video asserting that a person took their own life because of me. We filed a lawsuit over the claims, and as part of the suit I provided materials showing that they are alive. Ms. White has deleted the claims as part of the settlement.”

Erlick previously set up a GoFundMe, with a target of $60,000 (£48,167), to fund the costs of Remy Green of Cohen & Green to push back against White.

On 7 February, Remy Green of Cohen & Green filed the lawsuit in the Southern District of New York federal court. 

Erlick added: “Blaire is: a notorious trans YouTuber that promotes far-right conspiracy theories and chronically defames trans people.

“Her videos have caused immense harm to our communities and this fundraiser aims to push back against the damaging anti-LGBTQ+ narratives she peddles.”

“In August, she created a video denouncing me by implying I’m a pedophile, drug trafficker, and child groomer. At the core was the central claim that I harassed a former partner to suicide.

“Not only is the individual still alive but Blaire knew her statements were false. She hasn’t apologized yet, even after knowing she lied on camera,” Erlick stated, noting White’s statements were made with “actual malice.”

At the time, Erlick said that she hoped the legal case was “a rare chance to stop [White] from harming even more people.”