Christians may be sued over Little Britain posters

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An attempt by Christians to ‘reach out’ to young people has led to threats of legal action from lawyers representing the interests of gay comedian Matt Lucas and his fellow comics David Walliams and Catherine Tate.

A major supplier of religious publicity materials, Christian Publishing and Outreach, used catchphrases from Little Britain and The Catherine Tate Show in a series of posters that also carried Bible quotations.

Both programmes play on gay stereotypes, and Mr Lucas is openly gay and an advocate for LGBT rights.

The Christian posters, which have now been removed from the CPO website, featured the catchphrases “Am I bovvered,” “Yeah, I know,” and “Yeah, but no, but yeah.”

Melanie Rockcliffe of the Troika Agency, which acts for Little Britain stars Walliams and Lucas, told Scotland on Sunday:

“The boys’ legal representatives have sent a letter to CPO regarding the unauthorised use of their material and we are awaiting a reply from them.

“This is the action we would take with a business of any kind that was using material copyrighted either to the BBC or to Matt and David.”