readers split over Tory ads

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A survey of readers has found that 55% think the Conservative party should advertise in the gay media.

Last Friday started to feature adverts from the Conservatives, believed to be the party’s first political advertising campaign in a gay publication or website.

They featured party leader David Cameron alongside a series of messages on a variety of campaign issues.

Our opinion poll of 249 readers found that 40% did not think the Conservative party should advertise in the gay media, with 5% not sure.

Views on whether or not should take adverts from any political party were equally mixed, with 57% agreeing and 36% disagreeing, with 7% not sure.

However, the prospect of adverts from political pressure groups or charities was much more acceptable to readers.

70% were in favour of these adverts, with 14% against and 16% not sure. editor Tony Grew said:

“It is no surprise that the readers who took part in the poll are split on this issue – if you look at the comments on our message boards about the Tory advertising you will see how strongly some people feel about the issue.

“Despite a small amount of negative and abusive emails, we are pleased that the Conservative party chose as one of the sites to carry their advertising.

“We were chosen with “cool” sites such as Facebook, AOL and Lycos which we were very pleased about.”

Of the 249 respondents counted in the poll, 81% were gay men, 4% lesbian, 6% bisexual, 2% trans, 2% other and 5% chose ‘rather not say.’